Turns out that the old phrase ‘flower power’ might have more to it than we may have once thought.

Flowers are shown to have an immediate impact on a person’s happiness. This effect is long – term and can result in people feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated.

Fresh flowers on tables, desks or wherever you want put people in better moods and receiving a bunch of flowers can instantly boost someone’s spirits. Just being in the presence of flowers triggers our happy emotion and heightens feelings of satisfaction with life. It has even been found that patients who have flowers in their hospital rooms are more positive about their health and recovery than those without and this optimism can actually speed up their recovery process.

If you feel as if you may be in need of some of the magical powers of the flower, check out the list below on what flowers you should surround yourself with to combat/ create certain feelings and also which kind of arrangements are perfect for the mood you want to create:

Creativity - If you’re feeling in a bit of a rut and feel like you need some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, get your hands on some green leafy plants and place them on or around your workspace.

De-Stress - If you feel as though you need some help de – stressing (maybe because you have a big exam coming up, or an important interview), find something floral scented, maybe that you could spray around your room or perhaps a scented candle, as floral scents make us feel less anxious and help us to take some of the edge off during busy times.

Calm- if you need help in getting a bit of serenity try some less saturated coloured flowers that are all close to each other on the colour scale, the lightness of the colours will help you to relax and the fact that the colours are similar will add a calming aspect. If you’re looking for specific colours, blues and greens that simulate the sky and the sea will create tranquillity.

Energy- if you’re feeling a bit tired and in need of an energy boost try bold, saturated colours to energise your mood and make you feel as fresh as a daisy!

Tenderness - if your wanting to make a special someone feel snug, safe and loved make them an arrangement of fragile, soft and tender coloured flowers to create a nurturing mood.

Romance - if you’re looking for something romantic choose a blend of delicate warm and cool colours to create nostalgia, comfort and intimacy. To add extra romance, make pink the focal colour of the bunch.

Fun - If you have a desire to have a bit more fun in your life, bold, contrasting colours create an upbeat tone and will add a touch of playfulness and free spirit to your days.

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AuthorMaya Kilgariff