Pyramid is a superior, flexible database recoding method and system to enhance reporting for health & social care delivery

Pyramid is designed by experienced health and social care professionals.  It offers huge benefits for clients, funders, management and support workers ensuring management of caseloads are more effective.  Pyramid can produce quality reports and evidence for funders and funding applications.  Pyramid provides an immediate picture of both work underway and outcomes achieved.

Pyramid is unique in that it automatically assigns clients a support level based on the activity of work undertaken instead of simply stating a support level.  Consequently, we feel that funders and managers can better track resource needs and use and more easily demonstrate outcomes based on actions instead of reports.


  • Effective management of ‘live’ case loads and tasks carried out or still underway.
  • Better monitoring of client progress and need; particularly useful when clients are supported by a variety of staff.
  • Cutting down on time spent on paperwork, giving more time for face to face work and increasing work satisfaction!
  • Accessible tracking of resources and time used to support individual clients and client numbers at each pyramid level.
  • Easy review of workloads to help with support and guidance of staff.
  • Quick access to client analysis (e.g. gender, language, ethnicity) and care categories.
  • Provision of detailed reports and analysis of how their money is being or will be spent and outcomes aimed for or achieved.
  • Staff time saved in managing and delivering services and creating reports.
  • Increased confidence in an organisation that is using technology to improve delivery and  demonstrate effective use of funds.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of client care.
  • Better communication between clients and multiple workers.
  • Better planning by services for a client’s future needs as a picture is built of patterns of activity. 

Pyramid is bespoke software in its final stage of development.  We’re looking for development opportunities within the voluntary sector to demonstrate its effectiveness and we’d like you to come on board.  Contact Jenny Hand, Chief Executive of Well for Living for further information.