Q. I think I need support, how do I go about arranging it?

A. If you have identified a support which you would like purchase from the list provided in our Personal Support Service package, contact us through. A member from our team will be happy to assist you further.

Q. Will I have the same Personal Assistant throughout my support?

A. Continuity of support is an essential part of our Personal Support package. Our aim is to ensure that you receive the relevant support you have requested. All our Personal Assistants are trained to the relevant standard to undertake the duties specified in our Personal Support Package. We will be happy to discuss any issues that may arise at any point during the provision of support and aim to resolve them speedily.

Q. How can I ensure confidentiality during the provision of my support?

A. Well for Living has an excellent track record for service delivery. Our clients are important to us and therefore we operate under a strict policy of confidentiality. Our Personal Assistants are fully trained in all aspects of offering Personal Support and will ensure confidentiality in all aspects of their work is maintained.

Q. What happens if I need assistance outside of office hours?

A. Our service operas on a contract basis, agreed in advance with you and may cover evenings and weekends.  If you have arrange support during these times, our personal assistants are available to you. 

Q. How much does Personal Assistance cost?

A. Well for Living will help build up an 'Hour Bank' for each of  our clients.  You decide how many hours you would like to purchase and when to use them.  Our costs are as little as £12.40 per hour deepening on the package selected.

  • 5 Hours per week: £67 (£13.40 per hour)
  • 10 Hours per week: £113 (£11.30 per hour)
  • 21 Hours per week: £268 (£12.76 per hour)
  • 28 Hours per week: £348 (£12.42 per hour)

Or if you wish to 'pay as you go' this can be arranged for £13.80 per hour, however this excludes transport which is 50 pence per mile.